Lee County School District

Marianna, Arkansas

VISION:  The Lee County School District is committed to being a world class educational institution that prepares its students to compete in a global society and provide life long-long learning experiences where the school, parents, and the community work together.

MISSION:  The Lee County School District will produce high performing students by establishing effective parent and community involvement while allocating resources to maintain facilities and an instructional program supported by the hiring and development of well qualified staff.

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The Lee County School District has accepted the principle that all children can learn. We know an effective school is one in which all students learn the specified curriculum, regardless of factors in their background which have ordinarily been identified as those which prevent such learning. Therefore, our mission is clearly defined to educate well all the children who enter our school district

188 W. Chestnut  *  Marianna, AR  72360  *  870-295-7100

Lee High School First Annual Alumni Basketball Classic
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